Douglas Machine & Engineering specializes in developing industrial design solutions for demanding industries. We complete every phase of the fabrication process in-house, saving our customers’ time and money. Whether the project involves developing fully integrated units or retrofitting new units into current systems, our team of industrial designers ensures correct placement and functionality. 

As an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D-certified company, we deliver reliable solutions that have been properly tested and installed on-site. Whether your project is large or small, Douglas Machine & Engineering can handle it. Our facility is capable of moving fabricated parts up to 20 tons and machining small parts up to 20,000 lbs. Our parts feature average tolerances ranging from +/-.005 to +/-.0005.

What Types of CNC Machining & Fabrication Services Are Available?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a type of manufacturing process where preprogrammed computer software directs the movements of machining equipment. Since the process is controlled automatically by a computer, the finished workpieces are extremely accurate and generate significantly reduced waste. CNC machining allows for projects to be completed quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. 

At Douglas Machine & Engineering, we provide an extensive selection of CNC fabrication services, including:

  • Milling: Milling is the process of drilling and cutting materials using a rotating cylindrical tool. Milling machines come in several types and can move along several axes to cut from a variety of angles. In vertical mills, which are three-axis machines, the spindle is attached to a vertically oriented arm, and the table moves along a Z-axis to meet it. Horizontal mills work similarly, however, with the spindle horizontally oriented. Horizontal mills are ideal for large or heavy workpieces. 
  • Grinding: Grinding machines use a rotating wheel to precisely remove pieces of metal. They are frequently used as a finishing process when creating cylindrical-shaped objects. However, they can be used on many other types of workpieces. Grinding machines come in several types, but they all deliver extreme precision. When using a CNC grinder, a technician will enter precise measurement specifications into a computer, and then the machine will create the final product. 
  • Lathes: These machines rotate a workpiece around a stationary cutting tool to produce precise, symmetrical shapes. Lathes operate on two or three axes and come in several configurations, including horizontal, vertical, Swiss-type, and more. Lathes are highly versatile and can be used to machine many types of workpieces. In certain situations, they can eliminate the need for further processing entirely. 

In addition to these services, Douglas Machine & Engineering also utilizes assembly fixtures to optimize machining processes. Assembly fixtures are supportive devices that increase the production speed and quality of identical parts. They hold components together in a precise alignment to increase the ease and efficiency of production. 

Additional Services to Get Your Project Done Right

At Douglas Machine & Engineering, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop capable of handling everything our customers need. Every fabrication process phase is handled in-house, from concept and design to build, machining, and installation. This allows us to communicate effectively with our customers throughout every stage of the process and quickly deliver components that meet all our customer’s specifications.

In addition to our CNC machining and fabrication services, we also provide a comprehensive selection of additional services, including:  

  • Robotic and Automation integration
  • In-House Paint, Powder Coating and Blasting Capability
  • Plating
  • Heat treat
  • Inspection

Our quality department features a Romer RA-7535 144″ diameter range that produces inspection reports and all types of FAIs receive CMM inspections from our contract with Exact Metrology. 

Douglas Machine & Engineering: Your Source for Comprehensive Solutions

Whatever your next project needs, our team is equipped to handle it. We can help you develop design concepts, ensure you receive expertly fabricated components on time, and provide on-site installation, inspection reports, and more. With more than 75 years of experience, Douglas Machine & Engineering is committed to meeting our customer’s needs.  For more information about the services we provide or to talk with one of our experts about your next project, contact us today. 

Specialty Welding and Assembly Fixtures utilizing Hydraulics or Electronics.

We have industrial designers to meet the demands of our customers.
We can do it all or just some.
Concept, Design, Fabricate, Machine, Build and Test.
ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified Company
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Large Hydraulic Weld Fixture

Quality Department

We have a Romer RA-7535 144″ diameter range that can produce inspection reports
Contract with Exact Metrology to do all required CMM inspections for all types of FAI’s.
We have various certified granite tables and gages.

Large Hydraulic Weld Fixture

  • Large Hydraulic Weld Fixture for Mining Dump Truck
  • 1 mile of 3/8 hydraulic tubing with moving platforms
  • Total weight of the fixture is 177,000 lbs. (2 units were built)

Fixture Twists

  • Fixture twists the material around a shaft in place to spot weld.

Industries Served

  • Transport Cart for Loader Arms on an Articulating Loader.

Robotic Welding and Assembly Units

We have developed fully integrated units and retrofitting new units into current systems. We will design, build and test at our facility to assure proper placement and functionality. We will send our technicians to the point of use for proper set up and testing to assure customer satisfaction.

We have developed fully integrated units and retrofitting new units into current systems. We will design, build and test at our facility to assure proper placement and functionality. We will send our technicians to the point of use for proper set up and testing to assure customer satisfaction


Machining and Fabrication

We have a wide variety of equipment that can be found at under the equipment listing and are an OTC Daihen Distributer.

We can machine from small parts up to 20,000 lbs. We also have capability to move fabricated parts up to 20 tons with our overhead cranes.

Average tolerances on our parts range from +/-.005 to +/-.0005.

Large Machining Capabilities

Large Machining Capabilities

This fabricated part is just under 15,000 lbs. and goes on a crawler system.

We do specialty machining like this where we have pure copper plate with over 3,000 close tolerance thru holes produced on our CNC mill.

This part is vital to the treatment of specialty plastics.

Specialty Machining