Douglas Machine and Engineering is proud to present the Douglas Paint and Powder shop, our paint shop dedicated to performing wet spray coatings, thermoset powder coatings, and paint blasting. Building on our 77-year track record of serving clients with welding, assembly, and machine fabrication, we have expanded our operations to include painting. 

Our new paint booth is 102” tall, 128” wide, and 295” long—the ideal size to complete small volume and custom orders. Our baking oven is 77” tall, 108” wide, and 218” long, with a 60” extension that can be used for larger objects. Our Paint and Powder shop is located at 1506 North High St. Port Byron, IL. 

Wet Spray Coating

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Paint & Powder Shop

Wet spray coating utilizes liquid paint that is mixed and loaded into an airgun, which uses compressed air to mist and apply the paint particles to the substrate. Wet paint spraying is available in a variety of colors and can be used on metal or multi-coat systems. Paint coatings offer a range of finishing options, such as textured or metallic effects.

We provide a variety of liquid spray coatings, including but not limited to:

  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic 
  • Alkyd 
  • Base coating/clear acrylic coating
  • Zinc-rich paints

Thermoset Powder Coating

Thermoset materials are a popular choice for the powder coating process because they provide a surface layer that is both aesthetic and durable. 

Many thermoset powders have a molecular weight below that of thermoplastic materials but above that of liquid paint. Thermosets are solid resins. When heated, they melt, flow, and crosslink with one another to form compounds that have higher molecular weights. Once set, thermoset coatings cannot be heated and melted back into their liquid form. This thermal stability sets them apart from thermoplastics, which can be repeatedly heated, melted, and cured.

In thermoset powder coating, thermoset resins are ground into powder and form a thin film when applied. At Douglas, we are equipped to use the most common thermoset resins, including:

  • Epoxy, used as a primer  
  • Polyester, to create high gloss and UV/weather protection   
  • Nylon, for added protection against solvents and abrasion in industrial settings
  • Polyurethane, for decorative applications subject to outdoor exposure
  • Metallic, for clear coats and attractive visual appearances

Blasting Booth

Blasting booths, also called blasting rooms, allow operators to work inside an enclosure that contains the abrasive media. Operators wear heavy-duty protective equipment, including a head shield, to prevent injuries.

Blasting is commonly used to prepare metals before powder coating or painting, smoothing out defects in the substrate. It can also remove previous coatings for metals that require refinishing.

Our blast booth measures 105” tall, 168” wide, and 40” long. It is equipped with blast equipment that can use:

  • Silica sand
  • Steel shot
  • Bead blasting 

We use phosphate as a medium for prewashing.

Painting Capabilities From Douglas Machine and Engineering

Here at Douglas Machine and Engineering, we specialize in low-volume and special projects in machine fabrication, design, engineering, tooling, and now painting. Our consultative approach with clients allows us to complete difficult custom jobs. We serve the aerospace, robotics, agriculture, food packaging, construction, pharmaceutical, and other industries with high-quality solutions. We are also available to complete direct-to-consumer jobs, like custom wheels, frames, patio furniture, and vintage item restoration.

Feel free to call our paint shop at 309-848-9153 or contact us to learn more about our services.